Loop is the only streaming service to play surround sound music anywhere you go.

We create a virtual environment on headphones that lets instruments and voices sound as if they're all around you.

All you need is an internet-connected device and the headphones you already own to experience music in every direction.


Toggle between the original stereo and virtual surround Loop versions
Please plug in your headphones

Stereo Loop

In the videos below you'll hear the channels of a surround sound system individually played in Loop's virtual headphone environment

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Copy the following link and open it in iTunes or VLC as shown below.


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Recorded music first came to us in mono, with only one channel. Later came stereo, giving audio playing out of two speakers the perception of width. The arrival of surround sound promised a fully immersive three-dimensional experience for anyone who invested in a home theatre system.

Those systems however turned out to be quite expensive, difficult to understand, and required more space for all the speakers than most typical living rooms could manage.

Our technology allows you to hear instruments and sounds all around you in a virtual environment as if you were listening to your own personal theatre system. Now you can experience the best of what your favorite artists have to offer.

All that’s left for you to do is plug in your headphones.

Yes! Whatever device or headphones you use, Loop has you covered. We do all the hard work on our end to make sure you never have to worry about compatibility. Just plug in and press play!

Surround sound is a way to use multiple speakers placed all around a listener so that audio in film or music can come from any direction.

Though there are several surround sound configurations, the most common is “5.1”, which means there’s a left, right, and center speaker in front of the listener, a left and right speaker behind the listener, and one speaker just for low frequencies and effects (LFE).

Surround sound mixes are found alongside their stereo versions on DVD and Blu-Ray music and film releases. While some video streaming services also provide access to surround sound on certain devices, these rarely include computers or mobile devices.

Multichannel music is selected for our platform and sourced from various formats. We render original surround sound content into 2-channel headphone mixes that allow a singer, instrument, or audio channel to appear to come from any distance and direction.

Our engineers manually process each track with our tools and workflows, enabling us to use exceptionally high spatial and frequency resolution in our spatialization models, which ultimately provides you with the most realistic experience possible.

5.1 and 7.1 sources are rendered according to ITU-R BS.775-3 and BS.2159-7 specifications to make sure that Loop versions adhere to the artists’ original intent.

It's not a problem if you do, but playing a Loop mix on anything other than headphones is not recommended because you won’t get any of the surround experience.

Future versions of Loop will prevent you from playing virtualized surround sound mixes on anything but headphones.

The music you hear on Loop comes from artist releases on these formats:

Blu-Ray Audio
Original Multitrack Sessions

Loop reports and pays broadcast license fees to ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, as well as mechanical royalties to SoundExchange. Artists are paid from these orginizations based on usage of their content.